How Alexander Technique works

What is the Alexander Technique?

For a comprehensive and more detailed introduction to what the Alexander Technique is all about and the benefits of learning the Alexnader Technique please refer to the STAT website.





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The Alexander Technique is commonly studied by professional musicians to help improve their posture, how they use the instrument to best effect and to improve their all round performance and presentation.

I have worked with a number of singers both professional and amateur as well as string and key board players. Together we work out what is going wrong and how we can best use the body to minimise tension while playing in order to produce the best possible sound and performance. After all the body is an instrument in itself and which we also need to learn to use to enhance our musical performance.


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Sports People

Increasingly the Alexander Technique has been used by sports men and women to improve their performances and help reduce the risk of injury. Daly Thompson, Lord Coe, Lindford Christie and members of the 2012 GB rowing squad are all examples of high profile sports people who have benefited from the technique. Whether you are an elite sports person or a recreational sports enthusiast the Alexander Technique can certainly help give you an edge both mentally and physically. Your awareness of how you are using your body will help you improve movement efficiency, reduce physical and mental tension thus releasing more potential energy for your chosen activity.


My speciality is in helping runners run more efficiently, naturally and with less effort to increase their performance, speed and enjoymennt. More for information please visit my Natural Running Technique website.

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Actors, Dancers and Presenters

Employing the Alexander Technique can certainly enhance performance. Actors, dancers, and business people have all used the Technique in order to improve and enhance their performances. As we become more aware of how we are using our body, so our balance and coordination improves. Actors and dancers will have more presence on stage, musicians will be able to play with greater fluency and freedom. Businesspeople will deliver presentations with greater confidence, clarity and presence.

Some high profile advocates of using the Alexander Technique include; Dame Judi Dench, John Cleese, Jeremy Irons, Robin Williams, Roald Dahl, Sting, Dame Maggie Smith and Lenny Henry.

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Children and Education

I have worked with children and they tend to respond very quickly and positively to Alexander Technique lessons. The parent/parents will usually attend the lesson. 

There are many good reasons to introduce Alexander's work to children and teenagers. Articles in the media increasingly report that young people are experiencing more backache, discomfort, stress and anxiety. Whereas education is often geared towards goal-setting and exams, Alexander lessons help young people to take a step back, find resources within themselves, and stay in touch with their well-being.

Much of what we regard as talent is actually co-ordination in the widest sense: intelligent co-ordination of mind, body and emotions. As children come into contact through lessons with the source of their mind-body co-ordination; they find their overall learning improves. They become more confident and resilient, able to think calmly and constructively when faced with life's challenges.

The Technique helps children achieve their goals with less effort. The awareness developed in Alexander lessons can be used in music, academic learning, physical pursuits like sports and dance, as well as playing computer games and everyday living. Children quickly get interested in Alexander work when they see their skills and confidence improving. This practical approach allows them to feel in charge of their reactions to life and to have more choice.

Some of the things that young people report after Alexander lessons are:

  • improved quality of attention
  • better co-ordination and balance
  • enhanced self-confidence and emotional buoyancy
  • improved ability to recognise their habits and control impulses
  • relaxation and calmness
  • reduced pain and discomfort
  • the ability to think in activity
  • curiosity

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