Alexander Technique lessons

Learning the Alexander Technique with me will offer you the opportunity to gain a personal insight as to how the Alexander Technique can specifically help you alleviate unhelpful, habitual tension patterns, re-connect your natural mind and body pathways, and bring about a more poised, balanced and self aware state. You will also benefit from greatly improved postural organisation and co-ordination.

As an experienced teacher my strength is in ensuring that the message I convey is easily assimilated into your way of learning and understanding so you can take the ideas and principles away with you to practice and make your own. My aim is to empower you to be able to use the Alexander Technique as a skill in whatever area you need to use it, whether it be sports, music, work, or for your general well being. It is a true skill for life provided you employ the principles and are prepared to embrace the principles and concepts with an open mind and use them everyday. 

What to expect in an Alexander Technique lesson


One to One lessons:


Undoubtedly the best way to learn the Alexander Technique is to have one to one lessons. After an initial assessment and discussion of what your goals are you will be taught the principles with me using my hands to inform the body of new ways of moving. This involves very gentle non invasive work on the body in which the body is encouraged to release and adopt new patterns of working. We will address you specific postural habits and issues and work on formulating a new set of habits to take you forward in your everyday life.

Ultimately you will develop an understanding of how to implement the Alexander Technique into your life so that you can take ownership of your body and use it to the best of your ability to enhance your life. You will develop a skill for life!

Lessons are conducted without removing any articles of clothing except shoes. Please wear loose comfortable clothing. It is best if ladies wear trousers or exercise leggings but not skirts.


Group Alexander Technique Classes (Max of 8/10 people)


Drop in group courses are also a good way to learn the principles of the Alexander Technique. Group classes cater for a maximum of 8/10 people and run throughout the year. 

Attending a class will help you develop an understanding of the Alexander Technique principles. Improve your posture, balance, walking, breathing as well as your physical and mental awareness along with a host of other benefits. Whether you have had lessons before or have always been interested in finding out more about this unique mind and body re-education technique, classes will provide a fun, relaxed and stimulating insight.

Individual Lessons

FREE Initial assessment and lesson 30 minutes

 Saver 6 lesson follow on package:

Why not save and get a fast start with your Alexander Technique lessons and enrol for 6 lessons @ £216.00

 Total saving of £50.00

Transformation 10 lesson package:

For longer lasting benefits and learning enrol for 10 lesson package @ £342.00 includes 10% discount. Total saving of £76.00

Payment plan offered if required on discussion with me first.

Group Alexander Technique Course/Classes & Course Duration and cost:

One hour Alexander Technique practical group classes suitable for anyone who has experience of Alexander or who wants to find out a little more about the Technique through practical application. Beginners welcome!

Advance booking is essential to reserve your place as there are only limited places.

Fee per hour session:

Boyd Physiotherapy Lymington Tuesdays (except first Tuesday of each month) 10.00-11.00 am and 11.15-12.15pm

Investment: £13.00 per session PAYG or block credit for 6 weeks £60.00 cash or cheque in advance.

HealthSpace, Bishops Waltham Thursdays 1.15-2.00 pm:  £13.00 per session or block credit for 6 weeks £60.00 cash or cheque in advance.



Please call Finn for more information or to book your place on 07727 837839


Phone: 07727 837839

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